Day 5 of Lock-down

man cooking breakfast holding fork
Photo by cottonbro on

Day 5 – Sunday. It did feel like any other Sunday. But as my wife remarked the other day, it felt nice to spend the day knowing that there are absolutely no plans of going anywhere!

I did a bit of yoga in the morning, prepared a breakfast of banana pancakes for the kids and did a round of house cleaning. I had my kids to help me with the cleaning – I did the sweeping and they did the mopping. They seemed to enjoy it, but let’s see how long the enthusiasm will last!

We ordered home delivery of food from a popular local restaurant. I had to go down to the main entrance of our apartment complex to pick up the delivery – the only time I stepped out over the weekend.

Evenings were spent connecting with family and friends over Zoom. We played a game of cards over Zoom. My kids and I played the role of facilitator with 6 other family members playing the game virtually. It was great fun!

Finally, spent over an hour catching up with old school friends, most of whom are settled in the United States of America. I was ‘seeing’ one of my friends after a period of over 25 years! Again, it felt very nice to catch up. It was worth reflecting, though, that it took a pandemic for us to reconnect…

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