Day 4 of Lock-down

blur board game business challenge
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Yesterday was the first Saturday of Lock-down. I realise that my choice of the word ‘Quarantine’ in previous posts was incorrect. The reason we are at home is because of the lock-down put in place by the government.

The first half of the day was similar to any other weekday – I had some work that kept me busy till lunch time. My wife stepped out for essential grocery shopping. She reported that shops were functioning as normal, with shoppers trying to practise physical distancing. This came as a bit of a relief, hope this situation will continue in the subsequent weeks as well.

Afternoon was a time of relaxation. Evening was spent following an online game of cricket organised by my enthusiastic cricket-crazy uncle. Happy to report that my team won and I was declared joint Man of the Match šŸ™‚

There are also numerous puzzles and quizzes floating around online to keep the gray cells occupied! A bit of streaming music at night brought the day to a close.

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