Day 2 of Quarantine

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Day 2 of Quarantine passed very similar to the first.

The working day kicked off with a video call to connect with colleagues over a cup of coffee (fruits in my case). This was a welcome step taken by the workplace to enable colleagues who would usually be working from the same office to connect in an informal set-up.

One of the challenges, when one is in quarantine, is to draw a line between work and personal time. We tend to end up spending more time than is healthy in front of our computers. It is important to recognise this and take breaks from time to time. Get up from your desk, walk around, do some household chores, and then come back to whatever you were working on.

Yesterday, one of the residents of our apartment complex took the initiative to organise a virtual quiz. The topic of the quiz was Bollywood. It was very interesting and great fun, albeit it got over too quickly! I am not a Bollywood expert by any stretch – in fact, my knowledge of contemporary Bollywood is extremely poor. But the quiz did have some questions that were familiar to me and I was delighted to rank 4th (out of 13 participants)!



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