Day 1 of Quarantine

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Yesterday was the first day of the 21-day lockdown of the country.

From a work perspective, there was no impact or change in my usual schedule as I have been working remotely (from home or a co-working space) for 18 months now. My wife is also working from home these days. We are still adapting to both of us remotely working, but thankfully, there have been no major issues so far.

This would have been the last working week of this academic year for my children. They have been at home for a couple of weeks now, and they too seem to have understood and adapted to the situation well.

Our domestic help are also away and rightfully so. In a way, it feels like we are back living in Ireland, where we had to manage the entire house ourselves without the luxury of domestic help that’s available in India. I have started cooking a bit more these days (will post about it separately). We (wife and I) also spent last night sweeping and mopping the floors. Our house has a dishwasher, so the pressure on washing dishes is a bit less. Not that either of us mind that particular task too much!

There was no time for any entertainment yesterday, though my son did play a CD. Hearing good reviews of ‘Special Ops’ on Hotstar, might try and watch an episode of that in the next couple of days…

How’s lockdown treating you wherever you are?

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