Monday Reads – 23/03

We are still in the early stages of what Prof. Scott Galloway has called ‘Our Generation’s Biggest Test‘. I wish and hope that the overall impact can be controlled and that this passes by with as minimal as impact as we can hope to expect. However, many analysts believe we have already seen enough to know that this is going to be, quite possibly, a bigger crisis than the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. A few articles on these topics:

Our Generation’s Test – This article from Prof. Scott Galloway is aimed at an America audience. But I believe it applied to most nations. “Aim to be the daughter, boss, manager, dad, government employee who is action-oriented, organized, and disciplined during this crisis. You’ll be one of the people, calm under pressure, whose actions helped beat back this American generation’s biggest test.”

The Damage Across Business – Wall Street Journal’s take on how the new Coronavirus pandemic is likely to impact key industry sectors.

What will the world look like when the music starts again? – A thought-provoking take on what the future might look like when this pandemic is behind us, by my friend Surbhee Grover.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Google Ads Results – Wordstream are the first, I believe, to analyse the impact of this pandemic on an important element of Digital Marketing, Google Search Ads. They have some good insights across 21 industries. And, in my opinion, this is just the beginning (unfortunately).

Take care, stay safe, maintain physical distancing and personal discipline. This too shall pass.

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