Offbeat Holiday Destinations in India

ball ball shaped color earth
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It’s Friday, and if you are thinking of where to head for a holiday in the coming months, then you might want to consider these lesser-known destinations within India.

The North-East of India – Very few Indians, let alone outsiders, venture into this remote part of India.

Living Root Bridges – Meghalaya is known for its natural wonders, especially the place that receives possibly the highest amount of rainfall in the world. Another lesser-known natural wonder are these living root bridges.

The Magical Kumaoni village – Not many might be aware, but this place in the Himalayas has been visited by some extremely famous personalities, including Swami Vivekananda, Timothy Leary and Bob Dylan. Having visited this place myself, I can vouch that there is something about Kasar Devi that gives it a serene, almost mystical, air.

The Gateway to the Deccan – Some of the most popular destinations in India are to its north, west and east. Most travelers miss the vast Deccan plateau in the centre of the country, While Hampi, to the South, is now well entrenched in the tourist map, there are many lesser-known gems such as the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh.

The World’s Largest Single Tree Canopy – Most people might not have heard of Thimmamma Marrimanu, but this place in Southern Andhra Pradesh, located about 180 kilometres to the North east of Bangalore, has the world’s largest single tree canopy.


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