Monday Reads – 17/02

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This week’s articles are on the topic of AI or Artificial Intelligence –  we look at the history of AI or Machine Learning, and a couple of interesting (and thought-provoking) use cases.

10 Overlooked Machine Learning Advances in the Last 10 Decades – While AI has become a buzzword fairly recently, the history of Machine Learning (or ML) goes back at least a century. This article covers the key Machine Learning trends and developments of the past 100 years.

What will Music be Like in 20 Years? – A fascinating peek into how AI is already part of the music industry and what the future might hold. How would you feel if you suddenly discovered that your present favourite song was created by AI?

An Algorithm That Grants Freedom, or Takes It Away – “Across the United States and Europe, software is making probation decisions and predicting whether teens will commit crime.” Sounds familiar?


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