Monday Reads – 27/01

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Clayton Christensen, Yuval Noah Harari, CES, Davos, tennis and more in this week’s set.

How Will You Measure Your Life – I must admit that I was not familiar with Clayton Christensen’s work until last week. The number of posts that popped up on my professional social network feed on his passing away last week led me to learn more about him. And I am glad I did. This article is nearly 10 years old now but still as, if not more, relevant today.

Yuval Noah Harari’s warning to Davos – Israeli historian, Yuval Harari, explained the threat from ‘technological disruption’ at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos. A must-read thought-provoking article. Among the key takeaways – ‘humans are likely to lose control over our own lives and also lose the ability to understand public policy.’ Also, ‘The global order is now like a house that everybody inhabits and nobody repairs.’

An unlikely vision of the future from the Consumer Electronics Show – What are some of the technological innovations that marketers might want to know more about this year? Read more about them in this article. “It is truly time for marketers to accept that the old models and traditional ways of operating are very much things of the past.”

The Inner Game: Why Trying Too Hard Can Be Counterproductive – This article claims that ‘The standard way of learning is far from being the fastest or most enjoyable. It’s slow, makes us second guess ourselves, and interferes with our natural learning process. Here we explore a better way to learn and enjoy the process.’ It takes the example of learning to be a better tennis player to explain the rationale for this statement.‘If we can overcome the instinct to get in our own way and be more comfortable trusting in our innate abilities, the results may well be surprising.’

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