Monday Reads – 16/12

Four-leaf clover
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The less acknowledged role of Luck in being successful, what the AI community should reflect more on and how to conquer work paralysis like Ernest Hemmingway make up this week’s set of articles.

Third Base – The significant role that Luck plays in defining a person’s success has been discussed by a few people. This is Prof. Scott Galloway’s take on this, drawing from his personal experience. What I found thought-provoking, almost chilling, is this statement – “Altruistic behavior decreases in times of greater income inequality”.

The AI community needs to take responsibility for its technology and its actions – Eminent personalities including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates have sounded a note of caution when it comes to the development and application of Artificial Intelligence. This is cognitive psychologist, Celeste Kidd’s view on this important topic. Interesting line and which we are seeing increasingly these days – “there’s not really a distinction between knowledge and beliefs”.

How to conquer work paralysis like Ernest Hemingway – I am sure most of us would know the feeling – there is some work that needs to be completed, but it’s not very exciting, so we keep procrastinating till it cannot be put off any longer. It seems that the author, Ernest Hemmingway, had ‘invented’ a technique back in the 1930s, to beat procrastination and boost productivity. Do try it out the next time you are working on a longish project!


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