A South Indian Wedding Feast

Wedding Sadya
Looked and tasted delicious!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the wedding of a distant relative recently. Though it involved waking up early on a Sunday to make the trek right across town, it was worth it as we got to meet some family whom we have not met in a few years and, of course, to meet the couple and pass on our best wishes.

One of the highlights of any Indian wedding is definitely the wedding feast. And it was no different in this wedding either. The wedding was a Tamilian affair. But, as the bride’s family were from the state of Karnataka, the lunch turned out to be more of the Kannadiga style than the standard Tamilian sadya. So, while it did involve eating out of a banana leaf and lots of rice, there were quite a few other items on the menu that I did not recognise.

But that is not to say that it was not delicious. It most definitely was! In fact, as typically happens during a wedding lunch, I ended up eating so much that I was almost in a stupor afterwards! It was not helped by the fact that there were not less than three sweet items on the menu! The image above captures only a small portion of the food that was finally served (and consumed with relish :-)).

So a big thanks to my family members for kindly inviting us to the wedding!


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