Monday Reads – 02/12

sliced fruits on tray
Photo by Trang Doan on

A Theory of Genius, is the future of (self-driven) cars in a museum and the powerful role of Fruits in a healthy diet make up this week’s articles.

The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius – there are many theories on what makes a genius. Here’s one more to add to that list. But this makes a simple argument. Yes, one needs ability and determination, but in this article, Paul Graham of Y Combinator, argues that one also needs an obsessive interest in a particular topic. Hence, the name.

Highway to hell: the rise and fall of the car – This is an article about an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London which is running at the moment. The author makes the claim, quite reasonably, that the car is perhaps the most important designed object of the 20th Century. This might be true in Western economies, but I am not sure that claim would hold true in other parts of the world. Irrespective, it’s an interesting article to read in these times, when the sales of cars is declining worldwide. So, is the future of cars in a museum?

Fruits Before Food or After Food? – It’s been nearly two years since I decided to make significant changes to the way I eat by trying to adopt a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. I have written about this before, but to reiterate possibly the single most important change I have made – eat fruits before the start of a meal. This article provides the reasons why.


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