The Joy of Shelling Peas

bunch of green peas
Photo by R Khalil on

There is nothing figurative about the title of this blog. I just spent a very enjoyable morning shelling peas with my children.

I had stepped out earlier this morning to pick up breakfast (yummy) from my neigbourhood Udupi restaurant. Along the way, I saw a road-side cart vendor with a mound of unshelled peas. On coming back home, I realised that peas was on our shopping list. It was also a Sunday, and I thought the kids might enjoy the activity of shelling peas.

So I immediately went back to the vendor (and the Udupi restaurant for a cup of South Indian filter coffee!) and returned with a kilogramme of peas. Called the kids around and they immediately set on the task of shelling a mound of peas!

They loved it, and so did I. It was just so much unanticipated fun in doing such a simple thing as shelling peas. It was a zen like feeling and I was glad for the experience!

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