Where would you like to go to next?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

It’s that time of the year when everyone starts preparing their lists, either best of the year that was, or lists for what to do next year. I love traveling, so have been perusing the lists of top travel publications. Delighted to see the following:

Tiger Safari in Madhya Pradesh
Photo by Amit Jain on Unsplash

Madhya Pradesh – The state at the heart of Maharashtra is, in my opinion, a highly under-rated destination. I have been lucky to have visited the state a few times, and have still only seen a few of the beautiful places the state is blessed with, from the surprisingly pleasant state capital of Bhopal, the ancient ruins at Sanchi, one of the world’s oldest cave paintings at Bhimbetka and a couple of the amazing wildlife reserves – Bandhavgarh and Pench. Places on my bucket list – the ancient city of Ujjain, atmospheric ruins of Mandu and Orchha, stunning Khajuraho temples and the fort of Gwalior. It is no surprise that Lonely Planet has rated Madhya Pradesh in its Top Value Destinations for 2020.

Chinese Fishing Nets at Kochi
Photo by Ankur Khanna on Unsplash

Kochi – Located close to my hometown in the state of Kerala in the far South West of India, Kochi makes it on to two prestigious lists – National Geographic’s Best Trips to Take in 2020 and Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Cities to Visit. It really is no surprise, with it’s wealth of history, culture and its location close to the stunning and unique backwaters of Kerala.

Udaipur at night
Photo by Hardik Joshi on Unsplash

Udaipur – I still remember my only visit to Udaipur. It was Diwali break while I was studying at IIM, Ahmedabad and three of us took the bus down to this city located in Southern Rajasthan. And it was a magical experience, with the city decked up in twinkling lights. Definitely a place to go back to! No wonder it is on Travel + Leisures’ Top 15 Cities in the World List.

So where are you headed to next?

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