My new co-working space

Common Area - WeWork
The spacious and bright common area at WeWork

This is the end of Week 2 at my newest co-working space. Following on from stints at CoWrks and 91Springboard, I moved into a WeWork space located close to my residence. The prime motivator for the move was definitely the location; this is the first time in my nearly 20 years of professional life that I can walk to office!

Not only am I new to this space, but this is a new space for WeWork itself. It is claimed as the largest WeWork space in India and definitely feels like it. Some of my thoughts from my first few days here:

  • The spacious, bright and cheery common area on the ground floor sends out good vibes!
  • The decor is typical new age start-up – exposed concrete and brickwork with a Scandinavian theme to the furniture
  • Excellent collection of books at the common area. Wonder how often these are refreshed…
  • And, I must mention, one of the best coffees I have had in India so far. Shout out to the special blend from Blue Tokai coffees!
  • One of the things I was concerned about before moving to WeWork was whether the constantly playing background music might be a disturbance. I must say that it has not been so thus far.

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