Co working experience so far…

Hot Desk - co working
Hot Desk space – 91Springboard Mahadevapura, Bangalore

I was working out of a 91Springboard co-working space for the past couple of months. This was my second experience of a co-working space, following a stint at a CoWrks space for a few months previously.

I have enjoyed the experience of co-working so far. It is good to be surrounded by other people who have also decided to co work, typically entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-up employees, etc. I find that it establishes a sense of routine and discipline to my working life, compared to working from home. I must say that I do have a good set-up to working at home, so the benefits I am looking for are largely around networking, events and, hopefully, a good cup of coffee!

A quick note of appreciation for the staff at 91Springboard, Mahadevapura. Right from the time I first visited the space they were always very helpful and professional. As I move out of this space (for now!), I will miss interacting with the guys there. So, for the team at 91Springboard, wishing you all the very best!


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