Vattakottai Fort

Next in my series of arguably lesser known heritage sites in India is Vattakottai Fort.

When one thinks of forts in India, I would argue that most people would recollect the magnificent forts of Rajasthan and the historic ones of Maharasthtra. Of course, Golconda fort near Hyderabad is very famous. More knowledgeable ones might have heard of Chitradurga in Karnataka or Bekal in Malabar, North Kerala. But I certainly hadn’t heard of one almost at the very tip of mainland India.

Vattakottai (Circular) Fort is located a few kilometres to the north of Kanyakumari town. I haven’t been fortunate enough to have visited this place, but photos reveal the fantastic location right by the sea and with views of the beautiful Western Ghats in the distance.

A quick online research reveals that the fort was built by the Travancore rulers in the 18th century (so not very old by Indian standards). The monument is now maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. Photos and this video by the Mathrubhumi newspaper reveal a well maintained structure which should surely be on the itinerary for anyone visiting Kanyakumari.

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