A trip to B.R. Hills (Part 2)

After leaving Barachukki waterfalls, we made our way to B.R. Hills and the Mayura Hotel which was where we were to be staying. The drive through the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary on the narrow, but very well maintained road climbing its way through the lush green cover on both sides was simply superb.

We made good time and reached the hotel around 1 pm. This is a fairly new property maintained by the Karnataka government, providing much needed mid-priced accommodation in this place. Our room was clean and reasonably spacious.

No sooner had we checked in than the heavens opened up, and it continued to rain through the day and into the night. After being cooped up in the room for the afternoon, we decided to brave the rains and go for a small walk. The famous Biligiri Rangaswamy temple was just a couple of hundred metres away from our hotel, but the incessant rain meant that there was hardly a soul around at that time. There is a sunset viewpoint along the way to the temple. With the amount of rain around, there was no chance of spotting a sunset, but the views out across to the plains below were still stunning.

After a delicious and hearty dinner at the hotel restaurant, we called it a day.

In Part 3, I will write about the temple and the drive back to Bangalore via Talakadu.

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