A trip to B.R. Hills (Part 1)

There was a very long weekend here in Karnataka recently. And we made some last minute plans to head out of town for a couple of days. Last minute research showed cars available on Zoomcar and rooms available at a place called B.R. Hills, about 150 kilometres from Bangalore. We made the bookings on Thursday evening and early Friday morning saw us headed out in a South Westerly direction from Bangalore.

We took the Kanakapura Road out of town and our first halt was for breakfast. While the parallel Mysore Road has a plethora of decent food joints immediately outside Bangalore city limits, there are hardly any on the road that we were on. So we halted at pretty much the only decent option – MTR, opposite the Art of Living Ashram.

The quality of food was excellent, though a tad expensive. The average quality of the restrooms were a bit of a disappointment, though. Nevertheless, fortified by food and coffee, we were on our way to our first halt – Barachukki waterfalls at Shivanasamudram.

The road was delightfully empty of traffic. So even though road widening works are on at full swing, we still made decent progress and reached our destination at around 11 am.

We were greeted by the magnificent sights of the River Cauvery splashing its way across multiple falls spread easily over 100 metres in width. The infrastructure provided by the authorities at the place were impressive – plenty of parking spaces, toilets, a viewing tower as well as steps and landing areas to watch the falls from a relatively closer distance.

After enjoying the stupendous views and a snack of fruits from a roadside vendor there, we continued on our journey to B.R. Hills (to be continued in Part 2).

A few photos of the waterfalls:

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