Inspector Montalbano

It’s not often that I write about, or indeed, watch TV shows. But a curious sequence of events lead to this article.

I was casually browsing through a guide-book on Sicily the other day (yes, I love reading travel guides!). And reading about the many baroque towns on that island led me to reminisce about a TV series that I used to watch while living in Dublin, Ireland. Inspector Montalblano chronicles the life and adventures of a police inspector in Sicily. It’s wonderfully easy-paced show, highlighting to great effect the natural beauty of the sun-kissed Mediterranean island with charmingly weathered baroque architecture. The plots were nothing spectacular, but that was never really the point of watching it, at least for me.

So I read up a bit about the TV Series during my commute to work (hadn’t known that the first episode aired 20 years ago in 1999!), looked up some of the locations where the TV series was shot on a map. And then, while I was browsing a new site later that evening, while at home, I came across the news that that Andrea Camilleri, author who created the character of Inspector Montalbano, had passed away… It seemed a strange co-incidence, hence the article.

RIP Andrea Camilleri.

If you want to know more about this series and its author, BBC has a great piece.

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