Flashback to Paris

The other day I was watching the finale of the Tour de France happening through the streets of Paris. It reminded me of my week there as a tourist more than 5 years back.

Paris, at that time, was first on my travel bucket list. We were staying in Ireland at that time and, at the first available opportunity, we made our plans to visit the ‘City of Lights’.

And Paris did not disappoint. Never mind that it was late February and snowing, the city more than lived up to its reputation. Maybe it was because of the weather in that it might have been less crowded with tourists than at other times, but whatever the reason, I left with the feeling that I have to be back and see more of this wonderful city.

We stayed the first couple of nights in a hotel in the 1st Arrondisement. Memories are a bit vague now, but I believe we visited the Champs Elysees on the first day and the Louvre on the second. Here are some photos from these places.

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